Kenya chases for got away Nairobi lions

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) is chasing for no less than two lions which have gotten away from Nairobi National Park circumscribing the capital, Nairobi.

Two lionesses got away not long after 12 pm and were spotted on primary streets in the city by morning.

Nairobi occupants have been encouraged to stay away and report any further sightings to a free phone line.

“Lions are risky wild creatures. Try not to go up against them when you experience them,” KWS’s Paul Udoto tweeted.

The KWS representative told the BBC that reports in the Kenyan media that six lions were free to move around at will were misrepresented.

The BBC’s Abdinoor Aden in Nairobi says the recreation center is isolated by a principle street from thickly populated neighborhoods in the south of the city.

Mr Udoto said he was worried that individuals would attempt and handle the lions themselves, as has happened before.

In 2012, four fledglings must be put in a halfway house after a comparable occurrence prompted the murdering of their mom.

One of the lionesses right now free to move around at will has abandoned her whelps in the recreation center, Mr Udoto said.

Noting an inquiry on Twitter from a stressed mother, Mr Udoto prompted all her kids inside until the lions had been securely come back to the recreation center, including such occurrences were the “risks of conceived town lions”.

It is assessed about around 30 lions live in the recreation center.

The free number to call to report sightings is 0800597000.