Google To Donate A Million Pounds To Fight Terrorism

Google has announced that they will be donating one million pounds to back up projects that can help to fight terrorism in the UK.

The Google UK fund will come from a $5m global commitment, that the company has set aside to fight extremist acts all over the World.

Prime Minister Theresa May had earlier called for companies to shut down online platforms that promote violence.

The company has faced a lot of criticism in the past especially as it concerns content on his video-sharing website.

The fund will be presented alongside the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD), which is a United Kingdom-based counter-extremist organization.

The chief executive of ISD Sasha Havelicek revealed after the deal was announced that it would go a long way in improving the state of security in the UK.

Fighting Terror With Tech

“We are looking forward to working with a lot of innovators and develop new ideas that can help us fight terrorism in the UK even better and this fund would really go a long way in helping us achieve our goal.”

Google’s general counsel, Kent Walker also revealed that the company was committed to fighting against radicalization which is one of the reasons why they are working with ISD and are hoping to sustain the fight against terrorists with tech related innovations.