Freiburg-“Crime scene” with Heike Makatsch: “shut up, Figge sleep”

Who says that dialect and modernity mutually exclusive? In the “crime scene” special usage Heike explores the ugly sides of Freiburg as investigator – accompanied by Baden dialect and electro beats.

A consultant was murdered at the job Center, the trail leads the detective on a dilapidated property, live in Hartz IV recipients. The new owner puts the old residents on the body, he wants to renovate the apartments – high ceilings and parquet – and expensive rent. His methods are not squeamish.
In the job Center staff barricading himself Meanwhile, because they are afraid of the disgruntled people. The unemployed and welfare recipients here called in the ‘Customers’, but of course not treated like Kings. The employee go to smoking illegally on the roof, just have not contact with the customers.

Full broadside dialect, full broadside social criticism: with their “Tatort” from Freiburg the responsible of the SWR subvert the expectations one has in this murder mystery planned initially as one-off special usage: holidays programmed event “Crime scenes” set usually more on humor and warmth. A province but is not really now “Five minutes of heaven”, Freiburg is reflected here from its ugly side, included.

Baden dialect and electro beats

It’s almost subversive that the SWR is as much space the dialect, nearly as much as in a episode 20 years ago. Dialect is now so generally frowned upon in the “scene”, he seems to stand as unemployed tenants of the appreciation of a block for many editors of self-imposed modernity just in the way.

Here but the dialect is used technical wise: the returning investigator, who speaks German, acts in Baden clenched them around only the stranger. As this effect is exhausted, the dialect usage however shuts down – and a beautiful, contemplative techno sound high. Dialect and electro beats, which has both its place.