Drug baron hands himself in to police

A drug dealer said to have been the mastermind of an operation to bring £60 million of cocaine into the UK has handed himself into police officers.
Robert Gerrard, 53, from Liverpool, said he could no longer cope with the pressure of remaining on the run after he was placed on a list of Britain’s most wanted criminals and suspects.
He arranged through his legal representation to meet officers from the National Crime Agency (NCA) at Central Park police station in Manchester.
He was then arrested and is now facing charges of conspiracy to import cocaine with a value of £60 million.
Gerrard handing himself in means police in Britain have now caught three of the people on their most wanted list in less than a week. Both convicted rapist Mohammed Alam, 33, and Matthew Sammon, a suspected paedophile, have been found hiding out in Spain.
The suspected drug dealer’s photo was released along with a series of other people wanted by the police as part of Operation Captura, which aimed to find and bring to justice Britain’s most wanted criminals.
He was also featured in another campaign in the Netherlands called Operation Return. At that point the NCA thought that he may have links to a café in Rotterdam which was known to be used by people trafficking drugs across Europe.
Café de Ketel offered entry by a buzzer system alone and became known as a meeting place for criminals doing deals to buy and transport drugs in large quantities.
While the café had been raided, Gerrard was not there, but police still believed he had used it as a venue to put a plan together to bring tens of millions of pounds worth of Class A drug cocaine into Britain.
Greg McKenna, who is regional head of investigations for the NCA, said: “Robert Gerrard handing himself in shows the impact we are having with our most wanted campaigns. Three arrests in under a week is a tremendous result.
“We don’t know at this stage how long Gerrard has been back in the UK for, but he told our officers that the pressure of being on the run had got too much for him.
“The fugitives on our most wanted list really do have nowhere to hide. I would urge any of the remaining ones to take note; save yourself the trouble and hand yourself in because we will never stop hunting you and you will face justice.”
Gerrard has now already appeared before magistrates in Manchester and has been remanded in custody until he appears at Manchester Crown Court in November.