Dictator wife Imelda Marcos: The Kleptokratin of Manila

“I was born as a show-off” – who said anything about himself, knows no self-doubt. As First Lady, plundered shamelessly with her husband, Imelda Marcos the Philippines and amassed incredible wealth.

She knew what she wanted. Early. “Rose of Tacloban” are for example. The title clinched Imelda Romualdez with 18 years at a beauty pageant, was, however, only the Zweitschönste in the election for the “Miss Manila”. So she bugged the Mayor as long as he, after all, appointed the “Muse” of the Philippine capital the Scion of an influential family.

The blessed Imelda at the destination of your dreams was a few years later, she met the up-and-coming politician Ferdinand Marcos in 1954. The romance lasted only eleven days, since they were already at the altar. Henceforth, a life of splendour was sure her. Soon dominated the unscrupulous Marcos clan over 20 years the wide island of the Philippines. Until the fall of 1986, the couple amassed a fortune of billions of shares, jewellery and gold bars.

As “exceptional Ambassador”, the First Lady of the Philippines often traveled without their Ferdinand by the world. Luxury life in the spotlight quickly became her head. Not even the British Queen Elizabeth only called”, but Elizabeth the second. Imelda is there but only once”, she boasted. That their perpetual posthumous fame was secure, she moved a moment in doubt: “one day will be to find my name in the dictionary. ‘” “Imeldific” will be for demonstrative extravagance. ” After all, she admitted: “I was born as a show-off.”

Money, gold, megalomania

Such timeless hybris records are no shortage of Imelda Marcos: completely free of self-mockery, because that was their cause never. The woman with the then modern beehive hairdo exercised real power, boasted and prasste at the same time without any shame, staged is a kind of this beacon of Filipinos as “Mother of the nation” – role model for dictator wives from all over the world. As with their strong inclination to the personal enrichment Marcos was by no means alone.