Continuous rain in Eglwyswrw: Britain’s nassestes village

For 84 days in the Welsh village of Eglwyswrw, it rains every day, the place could soon break a nearly 100-year-old record. Is it still fun? Call for a man who needs to know.

As the first drops fall on the 26 October 2015, no one suspects that it would be the beginning of a record series. Since that day it has in Eglwyswrw (Yes, that one writes so; roughly pronounced as: Iglussuru) in Wales every day raining. 84 days of rain at a time.

The Scottish island of Islay with 89 days of rain holds the current record from the year 1923 in the piece, as British media report unanimously, including “the guardian” and the BBC.

The British weather service met Office not officially leads such statistics. When very small amounts of rain, it was difficult to distinguish which condenses in the rain gauge, rain and water said a mirror of spokeswoman for ONLINE. Therefore, such a record was not to prove “scientifically stringent”.

A but need to know, because the weather station near Eglwyswrw stands in his garden: Tom Hazelden. Together with his wife Beryl, he volunteers operates the devices for more than 40 years.

Mr Hazelden, how’s the weather today?

Tom Hazelden: The rain is less. For the next two days, even sunshine is announced. Until today, it was raining 84 days at a time. Although not necessarily every day much. We had quite a few strong showers, but often also just drizzle.