Bill Gates Makes Biggest Donation To Charity Ever

Bill Gates has donated $4.6bn (£3.6bn) to charity foundations which in his biggest donations for over 17 years.

He is still the world’s wealthiest person, after donating 64 million of his shares of Microsoft.

The shares that he is giving away in about 5% of his entire wealth, which is currently at $89.9bn.

From 1994 Mr Gates and Melinda his wife have donated a sum of $35bn in cash and have contributed to a lot of humanitarian foundations.

Donation Made Public In June

The latest donation was done in June. However, it became open on Monday after the filing of the credentials with the United State Securities and Exchange Commission.

Mr Bill Gates’ stake in Microsoft is currently 1.3%. before now, Mr Bill Gates had donated $16bn in Microsoft stake in 1999 and the following year Mr Gates further give away $5.1bn.

The larger part of all donations has gone to the Bill & Melinda Gates charity organization, which is mainly centred on cutting down the world’s poverty, fighting off infectious and epidemic diseases and supporting the world with easy access to computer skills.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy reports; It’s hard to know who the beneficiary of this current giveaway is, although just as the federal documents are put in place.

In 2010, Bill Gates and his wife alongside investor Warren Buffett established the donation Pledge, and since May 2017, over 158 couples and individuals have cut a deal to give away parts their fortune to charity organizations.