Stop smoking electronic cigarettes under tobacco

In the study, published in the British Medical Journal, scientists have analyzed data from more than 160,000 people, which is nearly 15 years. They found that smokers using e-cigs often tried to quit smoking (three months) of smokers who did not use e-cigs. All in all, last year was reduced for more people from available data – 2014-15 – in 2010-11.

Electronic cigarettes are liquid nicotine so that the drug’s use directly, rather than burning tobacco and tar yields, has carcinogenic chemicals. Of the most popular shuffle, there is a big discussion about the role of e-Cigs. Some say they are healthier than real cigarettes but others say their popularity has led to smoking in the smoker or people think they are healthy, but they are less trying to stop smoking.

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Even if they are “healthy” from ordinary cigarettes, e-cigs are not great: chemicals that can cause cancer are found in e-cigs or an increase in spread, risk of heart disease. Settings vary geographically. The United Kingdom supports eCigs as a smoking cessation and disease control and prevention centre rather than concentrating on their potential dangers.

This research does not show whether e-cigs attract people who would otherwise be non-smokers. But he emphasized that e-cigs help play a role in people who stop smoking. Researchers have analyzed several population studies covering the period 2001-2015. This research revealed the cessation of available smoking rates, a recent survey of 2014-2015 on e-cigarette information.

This is one of the most representative samples of e-CIG users, but research has limitations. It uses surveys for which more detailed information, such as the type of e-Cigs, is not foreseen. And the results do not mean that bonuses offer e-cigs good news. Authors write this help, for example, the national anti-smoking and tobacco taxes. This suggests that, in some cases, e-cigs work better, and it may still be time to finish reviewing parameters that use technology.