One of every case of dementia could be prevented by learning more and living healthy – New study finds

Health experts said that feeding well, learning new things, loneliness, reducing hearing loss and not smoking prevents dementia cases by a third; this was disclosed on Thursday. The researchers pointed out nine risk factors that can cause dementia and are crucial.

Risk factors behind dementia

The factors pointed out by the researchers as behind dementia include – reducing smoking, remaining in education after 15 years of age, depression social isolation, physical inactivity, reducing high blood pressure, obesity and hearing impairment in mid-life. The researchers stated that if all these factors were eliminated, one out of every three dementia cases wouldn’t have been.

A professor with the University College, London who was also among the 24 experts authorized by The Lancet medical journal to carry out the research, Gill Livingston said that although dementia shows up in the later part of life, the changes in the brain starts many years before.

He added that a wider approach to curbing the number of dementia cases lies in changing the mentioned risk factors. This measure will help our aging society.

Statistics by Alzheimer’s Association International

A recent estimate by the Alzheimer’s Association International displays that about 47 million individuals live with dementia in the world, and this health condition costs around $818 billion a year.

Dementia is often a result of brain disease, especially Alzheimer’s disease, leading to the loss of brain cells. This also affects memory, behavior, thinking as well alters one’s ability to carry out daily functions. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of persons affected by dementia could triple to 131 by the year 2050.

The researchers discovered that among all the risk factors for dementia, three most vital factors could be prevented – putting an end to smoking, increasing education in early life, and cutting down the mid-life hearing loss.

The experts also said that people could get less resilient to decline in cognitive ability if they never completed their secondary education. Likewise putting an end to smoking reduces vulnerability to neurotoxins as such improves the heart health and optimizing brain health and functions.