Mystery over teen’s horror holiday illness

Teenager Vicky Archer has been left with a horrific, mystery illness after being bitten in Menorca two months ago. The 15-year-old has now been left with an unexplained condition which causes bleeding in her mouth, sickness and a painful, itchy rash across much of her face and body. She also has swelling on her lips, tongue, face, ankles and legs.

Now, in a desperate plea for help to try to find out what is wrong with her daughter, Vicky’s mother Alison has released photographs which clearly show the teenager’s horrendous symptoms. Doctors have carried out a series of tests, which have revealed that even Vicky’s liver is inflamed.

However, they have been unable to come up with a diagnosis for the helpless teen. Having carried out her own research, Alison believes Vicky’s symptoms may be down to Vasculitis, which is a condition where the immune system goes out of control and starts to attack healthy blood vessels, leading to swelling. While the exact cause is oten not known, it can be triggered as a result of an infection or medication and Alison believes her daughter’s bite could have led to an infection.


However, while Vicky would need an MRI scan to find out whether her condition is Vasculitis, Alison says Bristol Children’s Hospital has cancelled planned scans twice. She said Vicky had been left in a terrible situation without a proper diagnosis or treatment. She says that her daughter can no longer recognise who she is, carry out simple tasks like reading or even remember her left from her right.

Since she was taken to hospital, Vicky, who was on course to achieve A-stars in her exams, has lost a significant amount of weight and had to spend her 15th birthday in an isolation unit because medics weren’t sure if she was contagious or not. A spokesman at University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust has apologised to Vicky and her family for their experience.