Local doctor advocates prevention as the key to steering clear from the deadly amoeba

Doctor warns against a different and deadly single-celled killer organism that inhabits in water. In the last 50 years, only a few numbers of persons who came in contact with the Naegleria Fowleri amoeba remain alive.

It was a bad one during the last summer when Lauren Seitz an 18-year old from Central Ohio died after contracting the amoeba at the National Whitewater Center in North Carolina, US. Consequently, the family of the deceased dragged the park to court, and the park was overhauled. However, doctors doubt the possibility of the total eradication of this brain consuming amoeba.

Doctor takes on the deadly amoeba

The Chairperson of Family Medicine at Metro Health Medical Center said that the deadly amoeba thrives well in water, more especially warm water. He further explained how the amoeba achieves its killing; he said that the amoeba gains entrance via the nasal passage and creates a beeline for the brain. Consequently, reproduction occurs without an ideal medication to eradicate it.
It cannot be assumed to be a common bacterial infection or viral infection that can be alleviated with antibiotics and antiviral respectively. Dr. Alexander openly said that there is not medication to abolish the amoeba. As such, she advocates, alongside the CDC that prevention is the key.

Preventive ideas and possible symptoms

During work or operation in areas characterized by wet dirt, people should do well to put on nose plugs, as well cover their faces. Some of the symptoms of the amoeba infection include stiff neck, fever, headache, seizures, and vomiting. Dr. Alexander also urged individuals who feel that they have been exposed to opt for urgent medical attention.