Dog Flu Found In Florida, Health Officials Report

Two years after the possibly deadly illness passed by 10 states, Veterinarians have revealed seven instances of dog flu in Florida, Health officials reported.

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services stated the cases of H3N2 canine flu were discovered at the University of Florida, which recorded another six pending instances of the illness.

In 2015, the “highly contagious” disease tainted around 1,000 dogs in Chicago, with positive diagnoses happening in various different states. Authorities said it’s a first for the disease in Florida.

The dogs remain in stable condition but the disease can cause death.

Easily transmitted 

The University Of Florida College Of Veterinary Medicine announced there is no confirmation the illness can infect people, yet it can spread to cats. It is present in the creature’s respiratory tract. The virus causes coughing as well as sneezing, fever and pneumonia. Most dogs are normally treated at home but the disease may require hospitalization.

Dog flu can spread by immediate or indirect contact with people or places which are contaminated by the sickness.

Dogs are at risk when they encounter with other dogs in the park and when they get married. They are also at risk when they visit veterinary clinics. Although dogs aren’t immune to the disease, yet there are vaccines for the illness.

Tips to stay cautions

The virus can easily transmit and infect others. So if you think your dog is ill, don’t take it to the veterinarian or wait in the waiting room. Instead, you shall go to the doctor through a separate entrance and avoid any animals so they don’t get infected.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that the disease is a bird flu that adapt and spread to dogs. It was first discovered in 2007 in South Korea and was later detected in the United States in 2015.