Dead beef: France confirmed case of BSE

A cow died of BSE in France, the French Agriculture Ministry reports. There is no risk for consumers.

It is to be an isolated case: in France a five-year cattle died, which suffered from BSE. It reported the French Ministry of agriculture after the reference laboratory confirmed the case of the European Union. The disease had been reported already the European Commission and the World Organization for animal health (OIE), so the authorities.

“This Fund has no consequences for the consumer,” writes the Agriculture Ministry in a statement. He shows but the French surveillance system for food is as effective. On Thursday, the Director-General for food, Patrick Dehaumont, wants to introduce, and which measures are taken following the discovery.
The animal comes from a farm with 400 cows in the Ardennes. Because it had died prematurely, it had to be tested (bovine spongiform encephalopathy) on BSE. The other animals must remain in the affected holding for the time being.

In France, the disease was more commonly known as mad cow disease, occurred in the year 2011. The World Health Organization (WHO) classified the risk of BSE in the country last year as “negligible”.

BSE had surfaced mid-1980s for the first time in cows in Britain and then spread throughout Europe. At the height of the BSE crisis, the EU imposed a ban on British beef exports in 1996.

Researchers had previously demonstrated that the consumption of BSE-contaminated meat can lead to a new variant of the fatal Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in humans. At that time, respected epidemiologists warned thousands, tens of thousands of dead. You have made a mistake. Until June 2014 according to statistics 229 people have died worldwide from the disease. Among them, 177 British are but not German.