Australian network pool victims launched their lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson

Gai Thompson has no doubt about the importance of the first Australian test date reference for more than 700 Johnson & Johnson women, which begins on Tuesday. “But at the end of the day, we are not back to life,” said Mrs. Thompson. “No amount of money will compensate for what we have suffered.”

The brilliant lawyers will launch the class of shares of responsibility for larger products in Australia against Johnson & Johnson, claiming that their pelvic nets implants thousands of women suffer from painful complications and leave their lives altered.
Special Prosecutor of Shining Attorneys, Rebecca Jancauskas said the class action “an important court scenario” is to be expected to take six months.
“Our cases of TVT implants cause complications that have not been experienced with alternative incontinence treatments,” Jancauskas said.
The case heard that warnings and product information were not correctly identified complications or problems solved them.

Australian women have their lives forever changed by these products

Many today live in unbearable pain, suffering terrible side effects affecting all aspects of their lives.
“In many cases they are even able to be intimate with their partners. It was really devastating, “Jancauskas said.
Attorney Tony Bannon’s Glitter, SC, keynote lectures will be presented Tuesday through Friday and Johnson & Johnson will respond with a keynote presentation on Monday.

In June, the College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists from Australia and New Zealand controversially traditional capable of supporting “loop” miduretrales like Johnson & Johnson TVT pronounced years of controversy over the pelvic floor surgeon.
He acknowledged that the failure of complications was “naughty” and was available to women and could have “serious consequences” on the quality of life.

Mrs. Thompson was deployed by Johnson & Johnson Prolift in February 2008.
Become his life because he is a “nightmare,” he said.
“People just do not understand what you have to live, and there is nothing you can do.”