The Hot Abortion Topic Will Be A Thorn In Donald Trump’s Side

Abortion is a very hot and delicate topic in the United States. On both sides of the spectrum there are those who are for it and those against the practice. However, with the President-elect Donald Trump about to take office on January 20th, 2017, he will be thrust into the middle of this ongoing battle the minute he takes on the oath of the presidency.

Donald Trump who was mandated to fulfill all the promises he made on the campaign trial will have his hands completely full, first and foremost, there is a vacant seat in the Supreme Court that he should move quickly to fill with a competent judge.

Additionally, on his plate, he has the promise to repeal Obama’s health care act with no clear indication of what his administration will use to replace ObamaCare that was passed to combat the overly expensive cost of health care in the United States of America.

The hotly debated topic has been ongoing for several decades, the new President will inherit the same problem that other Presidents before him had acquired at the start of their time the job. Trump, no doubt, will also be caught in the middle with both sides demanding a solution that will fit their agenda.

Several independent sources have reported that these advocates on both sides of the aisle had written letters to supporters to vote for anyone but Donald Trump during the Republican primaries. Fast forward, to after his landslide win over Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton, both groups are now saying that he will be dedicated to their cause.

Those who are for abortion as well as those who are against it will be waiting patiently to see where the new President Donald J. Trump will trod when it comes to this hotly debated topic. One thing is sure, many faithful advocates are putting their hopes in the incoming President with hopes that he will side with one over the other point of view.