Western Party Ideas for Your Next Seasonal Gathering

Need some ideas for a unique party idea? There are many western party ideas that can make for a fun-filled event for friends and family. There are numerous theme ideas from which to choose – BBQ, hoedown, cowboy or denim and diamonds – all are excellent choices for a western themed get together.

Western Party Ideas for Your Next Seasonal Gathering include:

Western themed: Now that you’ve chosen your theme, the next step is to make a list of your western themed party supplies and plan the menu. Depending upon what theme you’ve chosen, your supply list will be tailored to your western party ideas. Western style invitations, favors, centerpieces, games, prizes and food are all key components for your party. Here are some suggestions for fun western party ideas: Turn your home into a Wild West Saloon with swinging saloon doors, tables, chairs and saloon props; accent your décor with large silhouettes of saguaro cactus or famous western movie characters; include a Conestoga wagon centerpiece on your table, scatter rubber snakes around for the wild west desert feel and have your guest seek one special snake for a big prize. Your western party ideas can be as boundless as your imagination!

Hosting western themed party games could be one of your most popular ideas. Shoot the milk jug target (with water guns of course), horseshoes, or old-fashioned potato sack races will encourage participation from your guests and promote laughter from all! Musical western party ideas include Name that Tune or Don’t Forget the Lyrics games using retro country and western songs from classic artists such as Willie Nelson, Alabama or Johnny Cash. Devices such as the iTouch and iPhone offer a ‘Don’t Forget the Lyrics’ app for a small fee of $0.99. These games and creative exchanges will entice your guests to participate more actively at your party.

Perfect for the Rhinestone Cowboys and Dolly Parton wannabes on your guest list, get each guest personally involved in the western theme of your party by throwing an “outrageous western apparel contest”. Encourage your guests to don western apparel…the more over-the- top the better. Have a contest by asking each guest to vote on categories such as “most authentic western outfit” and “most outrageous western outfit”. Your guests are sure to have a fun time trying to out-do one another with their glitzy western wear! This is a great dual costume party idea if you are hosting your western party around Halloween! The great thing about a western theme party is that even those men or women who might ordinarily shy away from a traditional costume party can very easily throw on a Stetson and a pair of boots and feel right at home.