Waitress Gets Suspended From Work After A Fling With Orlando Bloom

A 21-year-old waitress got pink-slipped after she was found lying in Orlando Bloom’s bed after she and the actor indulged themselves immensely during the night.

Viviana Ross, 21, was serving Orlando Bloom, 40, at a restaurant during his stay in London where the Lord of the Rings star hit to promote his new movie film “Unlocked”.

The Encounter

The waitress and Bloom got along instantly. Then, after Ross had her shift ended, she found Bloom standing outside the luxury Chiltern Firehouse restaurant and hotel where Bloom asked her to spend the night together in his suite.

Bloom walked out of the hotel in the morning, heading for an interview; however, Ross was lying in bed till her manager found her in an unusual position.

“You work here?” the manager asked, according to Ross’ friend.

She responded, “Yes, why?”

“But he just closed the door and within an hour she received a text message saying she was sacked. Just like that. She was informed her contract had been terminated. She left the hotel and has not been back since. Viviana was not working when she went back to the room. It was on her own personal time,” a friend of Ross told The Sun.

“Real Chemistry”

The source revealed that the was real chemistry between the young lady and Mr Bloom “from the moment they saw each other”; however, she did not regret the incident as she indulged herself immensely and had a whale of time with the actor, noting that “ he was an exceptionally good lover.”

Notably, Ross left Romania and decided to hit the UK two months ago to seek a film career path, moreover, joined a cast in the lead role in an independent action movie titled “One Shot Left.”

“I don’t work at the Firehouse anymore and I won’t comment on anything that happened there,” Ross told The Sun.