Vivica A. Fox Emotionally announced that she’s Made Amends with 50 Cent

Indeed, the two have been occupied with web-based social networking wars that have delivered some exceptionally significant, yet offending images. Whether it was 50 Cent going at Vivica A. Fox, or the other way around, both craftsmen kept their fans engaged with their continuous disses to each other despite the fact that they haven’t dated in more than ten years.

However, things may have chilled off between the combine, as per Vivica A. Fox who kept running into 50 Cent amid the previous evening’s New York Knicks diversion. Wendy Williams had Fox as a visitor for her most recent show, titled “Dark Magic”. Fox educated Williams, “I kept running into him the previous evening at the Knick’s diversion.” Fox said the meeting at the NBA amusement was absolutely adventitious.

Fox went ahead to state, “I strolled over to him and I said Happy New Year, I acquainted myself and made proper acquaintance with everybody. It was in private, so there were no fans, no camera, nothing. Somebody must be the greater individual.” Fox got to be distinctly passionate when Wendy Williams examined her past association with 50 Cent, telling the moderator she would “dependably have love” for the rap star, as she separated in tears.

“I let him know the previous evening, I’ll generally dependably adore you. We’re not intended to be as one, but rather I will dependably have love for you.”