Two Hunters Shot Each Other By Accident, Then Blamed Illegal Immigrants and Set Up GoFundMe Campaign

Two men shot each other by accident, then blamed the incident on undocumented immigrants, US police say.

One of the men, Walker Daughtery, 26, the hunting guide, and his client Edwin Roberts, 59, were found bleeding from gun wounds by officers who answered the scene in a remote ranch in southern Texas, close to the US border with Mexico in January.

The second guide, Michael Bryant, who was unharmed, said to the police that they thought the shooters were undocumented migrants from Mexico who they think they saw previously on the ranch.

Their tale had been shared on social media thousands of times after a Donald Trump Ally, Texas Commissioner of Agriculture Sid Miller, posted about it in his Facebook page.

This week, a grand jury and police now conclude that the men involved in the incident ad been lying, and accidentally shot one another instead.

Investigation into Allegations

Investigators think that Daughtery had become paranoid about illegal immigrants, thinking they had been inside of a vehicle containing  Roberts as well as his wife, and tried entering without prior warning, prompting Roberts to begin shooting towards the doors.

Daughtery is then believed to have run back into the cabin in order to get his own gun, and grab Bryant for backup, both opening fire upon the truck when they returned.

Daughtery and Roberts had both been struck by gunshots, receiving bullets to the arms and chest.

Made-Up Story

Daughtery and Bryant are now being inidicted for third-degree felonies, carrying a possible punishment of five years in jail.

After the shooting, a friend of the family created a GoFundMe campaign saying that Daughtery and the group had been involved with shooting by illegal immigrants attempting to steal his truck with clients still in it, and raised more than $26,000 before being shut down.