At one point, Donald Trump managed to start his own popular television series, titled “The Apprentice”. This series involved contestants competing for a chance to become an apprentice for Trump’s organization. One of the most popular contestants was Omarosa Manigualt. She was a fierce candidate, attempting to have her stake in the Trump brand.

Omarosa was fired more time than any other candidate on the show; a total of three times. When Omarosa’s name came up, following Trump’s victory, the former contestants of the television series were asked about the possibility of Omarosa working alongside Trump in the White House. The contestants shared different views about Omarosa and Trump, so their views varied; similar to how Clinton and Trump were viewed by voters.

One of the contestants on The Apprentice, Bowie Hogg viewed it is a great decision. The 38-year old businessman and supporter of Trump had this to say, “What a smart move, and not a surprise for Mr. Trump to get people on his team, who want to help him achieve his goals.” Hogg was enthused about the news. He was a contestant on season one of The Apprentice. Hogg admired Manigualt, and they’ve remained friends and stayed in touch since then.

On the other side of the coin is another contestant from season one, Kwame Jackson. Jackson managed to come in second to Bill Rancic. Following his departure, Jackson began to criticize Trump on various media outlets. 42-year old Jackson delivered his opinion about Omarosa being in office. “I don’t think Omarosa should get any job. I am not a fan of her work or her ideals. Appointing her to direct African-American outreach is like appointing Benedict Arnold to lead the Revolution Army”, said Jackson. Omarosa being in office with Trump is just an assumption for now. But, sources say that Omarosa’s name has been brought up on more than one occasion.