Sylvester Stallone has raised some ‘heartbreakers’. The famous star of the popular Rocky series is preparing to watch his daughters (Sistine, Sophia, and Scarlet) cross the stage as Miss Golden Globes. This year, the word Globe will be plural, because all three daughters will be awarded the title.

According to Lorenzo Soria, the president of Hollywood Foreign Press Association, this will be the first time that more than one person will be awarded the title at the 2017 ceremony. And it will not be two, but three different ladies with the title. The title is awarded to the son or daughter of a celebrity, and bestows them with the responsibility of escorting the event’s honorees as they walk on and off stage. They will also be responsible for carrying the awards.

During one of their first interviews, following the announcement, the young ladies shared how they were informed about their role for the special event. The news was first delivered to their father, which left Stallone with the honor of informing his daughters. Sistine Stallone shared how they discovered that each of them would be Miss Golden Globe: “He gathered us all in the living room, and we kind of knew something was up. But, we didn’t know what was going on. We said, ‘Oh god, its bad news. Who died? What’s going on?’” After receiving the real news, the young ladies were in shock and the entire family was excited.

Sophia Stallone shared how all of the daughters begin to scream. It eventually led to a small party, as the girls began to dance to music and celebrate. Another plus is that the entire family would be in attendance for this special, first-ever award show. Scarlet went on to add how they aren’t just family, but also friends. “It’s even better that we get to do this with our best friends”, said Scarlet.