Stormzy’s house was raided by the Police after reports that he was burgling it

Reports stated that the rapper was burgling his home, which led the police to smash it down.  

Stormzy’s house’s door was kicked down by police after it was mistakenly reported he was burgling his own home. The rapper, whose real name is Michael Omari, got woken up in the early hours of Tuesday morning when the police smashed down the door of his Chelsea house, he had just recently moved in.

He tweeted, along with a picture of the damage, saying: “Woke up to Feds destroying my front door coz apparently I’m a burglar who burgles his own home”


In a statement, Scotland Yard said that they were responding to a report of conspiracy to burgle and they thought the flat was empty. They didn’t realize that the house was legally occupied until after they smashed down the door and forced their way into it. They said they stayed at Omari’s house until it was secured.

Stormzy’s, is a 23-year-old rapper, he’s set to release his debut album this month. He has also been outspoken in the past about racism and the police. He wrote “Don’t be the stupid idiot who thinks because we live in the UK that black people don’t experience racism from the police, don’t be so flipping naive”.

He also addressed racism and police killings in the US saying “We have black brothers and sisters dying in the States and we’d be cowards to just brush it off, this is all of our problems. That could easily be me or my little brother or my sisters.”


The Brit Awards was criticized last year for ignoring grime artists such as Stormzy and his contemporaries Skepta and Kano. All three are nominated this year. Stormzy’s nod is in the Best British Breakthrough Artist category.