Stacey Dash is attacked on Twitter about losing her Fox News job

Fox News chose not to restore their contract with Stacey Dash. Dash occasionally worked as a conservative pundit on the news station. Dash debuted on Fox News in 2014, yet had not been reporting live since September. A rep said the choice was made in the fall. Dash started debate for her frank perspectives against transgender individuals, the Black Lives Matters group, and feminists, among different issues. She composed a book called “There Goes My Social Life: From Clueless to Conservative.” In 2015, Fox News temporarily suspended Dash in the wake of cursing on the air amid a tirade about President Barack Obama.

She has said that transgender individuals ought to “go in the shrubs” in the event that they need sexually impartial restrooms, that woman’s rights is castrating men and that Black Lives Matters backers are racists. She was likewise extremely contradicted to the #OscarsSoWhite blacklist a year ago and called Jesse Williams a slave on a plantation in July after his enthusiastic discourse at the BET Awards about dark activism.

Dash has a progressing fight with BET, who tweeted at her requesting that her compensation she was paid be returned from a show a year ago. The on-screen character’s disagreeable perspectives have made her a polarizing figure, and the news about Dash losing her Fox gig left many Twitter clients extremely joyous. Some contrasted her ouster with Kanye West’s censure from President Donald Trump’s introduction celebrations. A large portion of them likewise clowned that Dash was most likely approaching BET for work.