Sources say T.I. and Tiny won’t be divorcing

As per a source near Tiny Harris and T.I. (a.k.a Tip), Tiny is apparently going to take the legal documents off the table, implying that the couple, who have four kids together, could get back together. The source shared that the “fact is she loves Tip,” in the midst of reports their separation could be canceled asserting that Harris was as far as anyone knows just attempting to unnerve him by petitioning for separation a month ago.

The source then went ahead to state that T.I. what’s more, Tiny have been doing a great deal of talking in the wake of her December separate documenting, asserting that Harris has made it really obvious that her rapper spouse should take after some standard procedures to make their relationship work.

“They’ve talked about their problems and she basically told him that if she even suspects him of cheating that she’s going to make his life hell on earth,” the source guaranteed of T.I. what’s more, his long-term accomplice in the midst of reports charging that the couple may have canceled their separation.

The insider continued about how Tiny and T.I. have been getting along as of late after the separation recording a month ago, saying “Besides that, the last few weeks have been bliss. They’ve been having loads of family time, connecting on a spiritual level.”

The most recent report proposing T.I. furthermore, Tiny’s separation could be crossed out and canceled comes not long after there were cases that there was a shot the twosome, who wedded in 2010, could get back together, affirming that loved ones were expecting a compromise from Harris and her rapper spouse, who have been a couple for a long time.