The star of American Honey, Shia LaBeouf paid a visit to Sway in the Morning, on Sirius XM. Although LaBeouf made plans to talk about his acting career and other interesting parts in his life, there was one additional thing required of him. Towards the end of the interview, Sway placed LaBeouf in the studio and had him deliver a rap freestyle. Knowing that LaBeouf was a fan of rap, Sway felt it would be good to challenge the actor.

The actor has been compared to Tom Hanks, but now he was looking like an alternative to Eminem. And, LaBeouf didn’t playfully say random words. He actually went over and beyond to deliver a decent freestyle, and it showed. Sway and everybody in the studio was in amazement of his rap delivery. The actor even threw a jab at the Tom Hanks comparison, by saying “I passed Tom Hanks’ replacement”. The actor went on to point how today’s artist can’t compare to the talents of past rappers. He even made subliminal attacks on some of today’s famous artists.

Sway’s decision to have LaBeouf freestyle for him was just for fun, but it also displays the actor’s determination and how he honestly made an attempt to uphold the craft of rap. And, he did a great job in doing so. There are some that believe LaBeouf will eventually get into music. This is what the actor had to say in his freestyle:

“It’s a dream / yes sir, I’m the belle of the ball / Never thought my rhymes was eligible / Rhymes are negligible unintelligible / Now, I’m exceptional unquestionable / no question I’m full / my cup runneth over / this s*** is going viral”. LaBeouf finished with “Yep, I’m taking over / better than I’ve been / alert alert sober.”