Rogue Club ban for refugees: “This was an internal call for help”

Fribourg is considered as biotope – and now: discos and music clubs are reportedly no refugees more let. An employee speaks of an “internal call” for help. What is happening in the Breisgau?

“When I read the news of the last few days, I could puke”, says a DJ who plays at the White Rabbit, on Monday afternoon. Now, he stood up and wonders what to read is on the scene of his home town. “Supposedly so many teams restrict visits by refugees”, he says. “I don’t know any, which that is true but.”

And yet it is Yes not an invention of the media, that the White Rabbit Club in an E-Mail said it should be “for the time being no people more let that only a stay permit” had. And it is also not an invention, that Mayor Dieter Salomon, a man by the Greens, stressed he would ask more police for years.

Unusual sounds for a city like Freiburg, the left-wing Liberals biotope are par excellence, where an alternative life style no longer alternative was 20 years ago, but mainstream. Where there is a Green mayor since 2002 and the ecological before pointing district Vauban. There, the CDU fail regularly at the five-percent hurdle and smokers are looked at yourself then evil if they smoke outdoors.

Freiburg is the only city without NPD place Association, a multicultural lifestyle characterizes the city. Supposedly several Freiburg clubs wanted in the future no refugees more let, las there as a hoax. And it was also a carefully considered.