Kardashian is synonymous with television. Everyone in the family has had at least one television show. Although Kim Kardashian-West is the biggest star of the bloodline, the little brother has made himself a celebrity.

Rob Kardashian has made himself a celebrity in his own right. Rob has also made himself a father-to-be. Following under the steps of the Kardashian family, Rob recently branched out and started a show with his fiancé, Blac Chyna. The couple agreed to a six-part television series that follows them up to the birth of their expected daughter.

With all of the popularity and turmoil that surrounds the Kardashian family, it only made sense to have a show for the brother; especially when it involves following their personal life and the birth of a new child (what the audience loves). Well, today it was announced that Rob and Chyna were on their way to the hospital. It looks as if Rob and Chyna has officially become parents to a newborn baby. This is a beautiful moment for the couple, but it also means the end of their series. It remains to be seen if they will be offered a full series that follows their ‘after birth’ life.

It was around 6:40 a.m. PT, when the couple arrived at the hospital. Rob seemed to be overjoyed, as he followed behind Chyna, who was being brought into hospital in a wheelchair. Along with the couple was Chyna’s mother and soon-to-be grandmother, Tokyo Toni. As they prepared for the new addition to the family, Rob and Chyna were dressed in matching black sweatshirts and black sweatpants. Even “grandma” wore sweatpants and a baseball cap. Leading up to this day, Rob and Chyna used Kim’s app to reach out to her fans about their preparation for the new baby. This included shopping, which was a stress reliever for the couple.