Prankster Convinces TV Show That He Is Actually Ryan Gosling, Goes On Stage And Accepts La La Land Award

A German movie awards ceremony had descended into chaos when a clear and utterly unconvincing look-alike of Ryan Gosling came onto the award stage and collected Gosling’s prize for the movie La La Land.

The awards ceremony, called Goldene Kamera awards, often only focuses on directors and actors from Germany, the country in which the ceremony originated, but occasionally certain A-list celebrities from Hollywood come by, and always leave with a prize of their own.

However this time, two comedians – Klaas Heufer-Umlauf  and Joko Winterscheidt – made the decision to try to play their own prank on the high-profile event.


They first organized a fake celebrity agency and acted as if they would be able to get famous actor Ryan Gosling to make an appearance during the ceremony as long as he would be winning something.

Viewers can hear the excitement in host Steven Gaetjen’s voice as he introduced ‘one of the hottest stars in Hollywood… the one and only, Ryan Gosling’ onto the stage.

That is the moment when one gentleman, who admittedly slightly resembled Gosling in a few features, steps onto the stage. The man is clearly an imitation.

It was later discovered that he was actually a chef from Munich named Ludwig Lehner.


The awkwardness in the audience grew as people in the room, especially fellow Hollywood celebs Jane Fonda, Colin Farrell, and Nicole Kidman spotted that this man was not actually Ryan Gosling, Gaetjen seemingly had no idea and allowed him to continue his speech.

‘Good evening, I am Ryan Gosling!’ declares the imitation in his heavy German accent.

He said: ‘I dedicate this award to Joko and Klass, thank you very much. There is a saying in Hamburg, which is, ‘bye, bye!’ he said before abruptly leaving the stage.

The camera then pans to Hollywood favorites Kidman, Farrell, and Fonda, who looked entirely bewildered.