Our Country and Music through Common’s Eyes

A week later and people are gathered at the Whitney Museum for the annual Art Party. This is much needed for a lot of people. The co-chairperson for this event, Common knows all-too-well the importance of this annual event.

“It’s to bring people together from different walks of life to acknowledge how important art is to us in these times and throughout life. When you see beautiful art, it inspires you. It reminds you of the importance of the soul”, said Common. The rapper, actor, activist has always displayed his love for art. It is easily felt in his extensive library of music. Common’s eleventh album, Black America Again was released this month. Intentionally and perfectly designed for the country’s current situation, this 15-track art piece focuses on the politics of black lives: institutionalized racism, the history of oppression in America, and police brutality. At the same time, the music delivers peace and hope.

The rapper feels that it is necessary to possess a determined belief in having a better tomorrow, in these days and time. “We should look at the positives, in this situation. A lot of racism existed in this country that we didn’t know, because we had Obama as a leader. Him being our leader, we saw people more open to communicate, more people embracing each other, whether gay, transgender, Black, Latino, White, Asian. We saw a unity of people. But, there was still that group of people who didn’t believe in that. And now that they’ve come to the surface, we can deal with them on a level that we know that we should. That’s with love. That’s with protest. That’s with strength”, says Common. Common also spoke on how the new generation of rap artists are also supporting change and growth through their music. “The fact that Chance (Chance the Rapper) is talking about God is a beautiful thing”, says Common.