Oscar boycott debate: Too white, too slow

Only white among the nominated actors? For the Oscars that no longer is the norm – for the audience, are now used to televised diversity. The Oscar boycott of black creative should be only the beginning.

It starts diplomatically: “I pay tribute to the year’s nominated the great work.” Then it will quickly urgent: “while we celebrate their extraordinary accomplishments, breaks my heart the missing inclusion and frustrated me. This is a difficult, but important battle, and it’s time for big changes.”

So forceful as Monday has Cheryl Boone Isaac, President of the Academy of motion picture arts and Sciences and therefore responsible for the Oscars, have never expressed. But there are also special times.

What is erupted in anger before one year under the Hashtag #oscarssowhite, now leads to action: both of this year’s honorary Oscar winner Spike Lee as well as actress Jada Pinkett Smith have announced to boycott the award ceremony due to lack variety. Pinkett Smith’s husband will considered in the run-up to Oscar nominee for the sports drama was “A shocking truth”, then but as well as Idris Elba (“beasts of no. nation”), Michael B. Jordan (“creed”) or the ensemble of “Straight Outta Compton” disregarded.