Nicki Minaj Surpasses Aretha Franklin To Become The Woman With The Most Hot 100 Hits

This week, Nicki Minaj became the No. 1 female singer with the most Hot 100 hits. Minaj has an incredible 76 different songs with her name attached to them onto the all-inclusive singles tally.

Breaking records:

Earlier this month, Minaj tied Aretha Franklin with 73 appearances. But this week she release three new tracks which all appeared on the chart, which moved her career total up to 76

One song among those released this week, stands out from the rest. “No Frauds,” which features verses by Drake and Lil Wayne, began at No. 14. This suggests the song could climb into the top 10 in the coming weeks, which would give her and her collaborators another massive hit.

“Regret In Your Tears,” is the second song, Minaj is on it on her own, the song debuted at No. 61. At No. 71, comes “Changed It” which also features Lil Wayne.

The majority of Minaj’s Hot 100 appearances belong to other artists, however, the female rapper has a verse or contributes to the chorus in some way, and thus it counts towards her total.

This practice is somewhat new to the music industry, it definitely wasn’t around when Aretha Franklin’s hits were climbing the charts. Actually, Franklin was the lead vocalist in all 73 of her appearances on the chart.

Growing career:

Minaj is heavily featured in other artists’ work, which means her career will continue to rise and her total charted songs will continue growing. Minaj also has a new album on the way, meaning she’s on her way to hit 80, 90 and then 100 Hot 100 appearances.

Coming after Aretha Franklin is Taylor Swift, who is only three songs away from having as many charted hits as the queen of soul.

Minaj, who is the bestselling female rapper of all time, is now in ninth place among all artists, behind prominent male singers and groups like the cast of Glee, Jay Z, Drake, and Lil’ Wayne, who holds the top spot among solo acts with an astonishing 133 tracks.