Nicki Minaj Pregnancy

In spite of the fact that the rapper has yet to generate any children of her own, or if nothing else we trust that to be the situation, she has constantly longed for being a mother some place down the line. “Nicki has considered having a child for quite a long time,” said one source.

Nicki is not pregnant and has no arrangements to get pregnant at any point in the near future. We would love to get the chance to see a smaller than usual Nicki strolling around in the near future, however the rapper is clearly sitting tight for the correct man, and Meek is unquestionably not it! “She unquestionably needs kids, yet just when she is in a steady, cherishing association with a man she trusts. Meek never turned out to be that man, so she never needed to have children with him,” sources included.

All things considered, there you have it, Nicki Minaj is not pregnant. Starting now, the rapper is supposedly “concentrating on work,” a point she made in her relationship declaration on Twitter on Jan. 5. “She’s directing every one of her feelings into her music and it’s certainly helping her inventiveness,” the insider included. Nicki may state she’s guiding her consideration towards making new music, however this report appears to repudiate a claim Meek made on Snapchat on Jan. 6, in which he blamed his ex-GF for being pregnant. He immediately, changed the subject, yet it unquestionably got individuals talking!

Regardless of Meek’s stunning allegations, Nicki is playing it tasteful and hiding out. Be that as it may, don’t stress, she is set up to applaud back in the most epic way imaginable! “She will react to Meek and get down on him about all his bulls***, however in her music”, said another source. “That way she will profit while she tears him which is far better!” Nicki is on another level.