Mercedes upraising to take Tesla down, but can they really challenge with Elon Musk?

Mercedes has its eyes on a more significant division of the electric automotive market, and its holding company, Daimler, has discreetly been designing its EV fleet, so it goes head to head with its rival, Tesla Motor. Daimler has put $11 billion into electrifying its vehicles, with plans to provide an electrified version for all of its autos by the year 2022. They anticipate that no less than 50 versions of Mercedes passengers vehicles will be offered either as fully electrified cars or hybrids, according to Business Insider.

Mercedes against Tesla – a fierce competition

Despite the fact that Tesla is still seen as an “underdog” in the industry, it won’t be easy to compete with them. Loyalty to Tesla is high and fundamentally the same as the worship that Apple Inc gets. A considerable measure of this has to do with mere admiration for Elon Musk, Tesla CEO. Musk is seen as a virtuoso tech disruptor who is focused on cultivating a possible future. Mercedes/Daimler just lack that kind of Stardom, as noted by Business Insider.

A charming CEO isn’t enough. Tesla, however, has proven its value by redesigning electric vehicles in a way that the world had never seen. For instance, they effectively began delivering over-the-air software updates to clients. Also, by offering their products in Tesla-branded stores, they kicked against the regular automobile dealership show.

Be that as it may, there are few chinks in the Tesla house. The company has dealt with terrible news linked to one of their ultra-fast vehicles, the model 3. According to the Inquisitr, there were reports that the brand produced less than 500 units of the new car. Also, the vehicles that have been manufactured have been delivered to only employees.

The company claimed that the Model 3 manufacture is plagued by production delays that are linked to automation of the components of the vehicle. Tesla recently purchased Perbix Machine Company, a firm with specialization in manufacturing advance automated tech. Many believe that the company made the purchase as a strategy to accelerate the production of the Model 3.

Who will dominate the EV market?

For Mercedes to beat Tesla, they must quickly rebrand themselves as the chief EV maker, since China – the world’s biggest automotive market – has announced that it will be ending the utilization of diesel and gas-fueled autos. However, it won’t be an easy task.

Tesla has past glories of beating Mercedes, according to Electrek. Tesla sold a total of 25,202 Model 5 vehicles in the US in 2015, which is a 25% market share of the industry. In 2017, Tesla has so far surpassed the Mercedes S-Class, BMW 6/7 series, and Porsche Panamera combined in the United States.