Lyft has Odell Beckham Jr. as one of their drivers

On Thursday, New York Giants wide-beneficiary, Odell Beckham Jr. went covert as a Lyft driver to astonish those that were asking for rides. It was a piece of the application’s new crusade. As found in a Lyft video, Odell wearing a green, Nike track coat and brandished dim shades. He shook a dim beanie to cover his mark locks. “I’ve been driving Lyft for around three years now. I love New York,” he said after a traveler got in the vehicle.

The NFL player got some information about himself, before saying, “Grown a** man – I’m not going to judge him. Always dancing all the time.” He asked a female traveler, “You like football?” But it turned out she didn’t see how the sport was played. Odell flippantly responded, “I don’t really understand it either.”

In the 4-minute video, he got some information about who their most loved players were. A female fan jabbed fun at his “insane” hair by saying, “My brother said you may have taken his hairstyle.” Odell reacted, “Well, now you can let him know I had it first.” Another female fan, then, practically started crying in the wake of discovering it was him.

Odell uncovered his actual self in the wake of driving around New York more. The travelers began screaming with energy and giggling at the way that they didn’t have any acquaintance with it was him. He was seen taking selfies and embracing the majority of his travelers toward the finish of the video.