Lil Wayne Gets Back Flack for “Black Lives Matter” Comments

There was an enormous hubbub when Rapper Lil Wayne said he didn’t feel associated with Black Lives Matter on ABC’s Nightline. The New Orleans rapper was vigorously condemned for his announcements, which even incited an expression of remorse. Kidd was as of late gotten some information about his old Squad Up pioneer’s disputable position and tore Lil Wayne for the remarks.

“I don’t comprehend what that nigga was on that day,” Kidd said. “Furthermore, that is simply being trill, you know what I’m stating? I don’t recognize what the nigga be on, god. I know Wayne. I know ya mom and them let you know [that’s] some imbecilic poop when you say that. I know you know superior to that. You can’t sit up here and say you don’t know nothing in regards to Black Lives Matter, and you don’t focus on this, you don’t focus on that. My nigga, you an old recluse. You sit in front of the TV throughout the day. I know you recognize what’s happening over here with us and our kin. Try not to act as you couldn’t care less.”

Kidd said that regardless of the possibility that Lil Wayne does not think about Black Lives Matter, the “A Milli” MC ought not to communicate those sentiments. Kidd focused on how impactful Weezy’s words are on his fans.

“You likely couldn’t care less, nigga,” he proceeded. “Try not to get it contorted. You most likely couldn’t care less what’s happening with our kin, pooch, however you can’t state no horse crap like that my nigga. Without a doubt however on the grounds that everyone watching you, pooch. You got such a large number of fans, such a large number of individuals that admire you. How you feel that is looking to them? Try not to do no poop like that, bruh. Genuine nigga crap, don’t do that no more.”

Kidd is by all account not the only companion of Lil Wayne to condemn the Young Money author’s position on Black Lives Matter. A month ago, T.I. gotten out the Louisiana local in a protracted Instagram post.