Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom’s divorce is now final

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom’s marriage is finally coming to an end –at least officially–. The process was paused for several months just a few weeks after the Laker’s player was found unconscious in a Nevada brothel, and Kardashians attorneys asked the judge to withdraw her petition. Close sources report that she made the decision thinking about what Odom was going through, and she tried to be supportive of her former spouse.

A few months ago, in May, she filed for divorce once again –citing irreconciliable differences–, and sources close to the reality star say that “she is ready to move on”. The divorce is expected to be finalized this time around.
It has not been easy for Khloe to find closure and move her life in a new direction. She has constantly expressed how hard she had to struggle to accept her relationship with Odom was really over, and she stated that it was a challenge because she doesn’t really believe in divorce.
She then explained that she had to make the difficult decision because she had to protect her own mental health and happiness, saying that she is now at peace with her decision and ready to start a new life.
Sources close to Lamar say that he is in a better place now and trying to remain healthy every day.
The reality star and social media mogul argued that she made unbreakable vows before god, and that it has been difficult for her to accept that those vows need to be honored in a different manner. She finally told close sources that she thinks that her and Odom’s relationship is now in a different place.
The court has responded with a date, and the marriage will be officially over by December 17. Both Lamar and Kardashian have waived spousal support.K