Kanye West Producing a New Album Fresh Out of the Hospital

Since he has been home, TMZ claims that Kanye West has manufactured an impermanent studio in his Bel-Air, California, home. Sources say Kanye is contrasting his eight-day healing facility remain with his 2002 close demise auto accident and his mom’s 2007 passing. It was those significant life occasions that drove Kanye to make “The College Dropout” and “808s and Heartbreak,” individually.

It was beforehand reported the rapper needed to record while in the healing center and TMZ claims Kanye now has enough material recorded for another collection. On the off chance that the rapper releases a venture in 2017, it would be reminiscent of his prior collection discharge plan when he would put out a collection consistently or two.

In the event that Kanye is taking a shot at another collection, it shouldn’t be excessively shocking. While recording “The College Dropout,” his presentation extend, the rapper said the collection was his solution. “It would remove my psyche from the agony — far from the dental arrangements, from my teeth murdering, from my mouth being wired closed, from the way that I seemed as though I just battled Mike Tyson,” he told Ebony in 2005.

Like “The College Dropout” after his auto collision, Kanye said the recording of “808s and Heartbreak” after his mom’s passing was restorative. The collection saw a change in Kanye’ style of music, moving from hip-bounce to pop and using the auto-tune impact made well known by T-Pain. While Kanye hasn’t been found out in the open since his hospitalization, we may get the opportunity to see the rapper in February at the 2017 Grammys. Kanye is named for six honors including best rap collection and best rap tune.