Kanye West and Kim Kardashian having problems in their sex life, say sources

Sources say that Kim Kardashian was withholding sex from Kanye West, apparently until they have worked through in any event some of their issues. Kanye was as of late hospitalized for right around two weeks taking after what was later portrayed as a mental breakdown brought on by mental fatigue and lack of sleep.

Kardashian is additionally said to be as yet managing the traumatic experience of having been ransacked of millions in assets at gunpoint while she was in Paris going to Fashion Week last October. Some even demand the relationship has achieved the final turning point, with it turning out to be increasingly evident that the unscripted television star may have brought up with her rap hotshot spouse to propel her profession.

Bits of gossip about the couple attempting to hold things together comes as just the same old thing new. The two were even reputed to have spent the Christmas occasion separated, however the rapper later posted a pic on Twitter of him, Kardashian and their two youthful youngsters hanging outside of what had all the earmarks of being Kris Jenner’s California habitation.

All through a lot of their trial, both West and Kardashian have kept a moderately low open profile and web-based social networking nearness, however before being hospitalized the Kanye started much contention by communicating his endorsement for Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

At a certain point, Kanye imparted to a sold-out show swarm that while he didn’t vote in the race, on the off chance that he had he would have made his choice for Trump over Democratic chosen one Hillary Clinton. Since Trump being delegated the victor, West has headed out to New York and Trump Tower to meet with him, later demanding the two didn’t generally talk much governmental issues, rather principally focusing on all the viciousness occurring in the place where he grew up of Chicago and the general issue of tormenting.