Justin Beiber Chased By Fans, Surrounded By Hundreds As He Attempted To Enjoy Lunch In Sydney

‘Beliebers’ aka the superstar’s devoted followers are located all over the world.

Stalked while eating:

The superstar tried to ask his legions of adoring fans for some privacy during his trip to Australia, but the request fell on deaf ears.

A crowd of young women awkwardly watched the 23-year-old singer while he was eating chicken at Mosman’s Chargrill Charlie’s on Friday.

He tried to enjoy his meal of BBQ Chicken, chips and Greek salad and vegetables at the popular Sydney eatery with a handful of friends, but he was mobbed by fans and required a team of NSW Police to create a barrier so he was able to eat his lunch without disturbance.

At least 17 women were photographed staring at Justin and taking photos of the singer while he ate outside the restaurant. Several fans shared the photo with one writing on Twitter: ‘This makes me sad… and you guys still wonder why @justinbieber sometimes acts “different”. S**t I would too, he’s human too!’

Jumping over leftovers:

Some overzealous fans jumped at the opportunity to enjoy his leftovers after Bieber left the venue, according to The Daily Telegraph. The fans reportedly fought over his half-eaten plate of chicken and an empty green juice container. Even his cutlery was taken from the venue’s outdoor table as a souvenir by an eager observer.

The singer struggled later to escape from the flock of determined fans without the help of his police escort.

A video was posted on Twitter showing Justin being chased down a Sydney street by women wanting to take selfies with him. He stopped in the middle of the street, exhausted, and declared: ‘I’m done, you guys are so fast!’

He caught his breath, and broke into a sprint away from the crowd once again without stopping to take photos.