It’s a Boy for Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher!

Big news Wednesday for the iconic Hollywood couple, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, as it marks the birth of their second baby- and it’s a boy!
Their two-year-old daughter Wyatt finally has her much anticipated baby brother. Fans patiently await the couples’ upcoming public announcement of the newborn’s chosen name.
Throughout the year, the couple spoke willingly about the pregnancy on “The Today Show” in October, and admit to a very different pregnancy experience the second time around.
As is the norm for most first-timers, Mila recalls, in her appearance on “Live With Kelly”, obsessing over little details and having much more personal time during her first pregnancy last July.
She said, “With the first one I was on the app every single day- ‘what fruit size is my baby? It’s a size of a grape, it’s a size of an avocado’
“The other day someone asked how far along and I had no idea!” she shared.
In addition, already having a young toddler during her pregnancy gave Mila an entirely different experience the second time around. However, needless to say the now thirty-eight-year-old Ashton has been proactively helping Mila throughout her pregnancy, reports the Insider.
“It looks like her husband is trying to do all the heavy lifting for her- he always carries Wyatt and doesn’t want Mila doing any lifting at all. He has always been very hands-on, but he has really been taking over lately and trying to give Mila a break.”
Sightings of Mila out and about just one day before delivery, dressed casually, and looking “ready to pop” during her outing on Tuesday in Studio City.
Things are going well for the iconic “That 70’s Show” couple, who married previously this year. The couple initially got together in 2012 after Ashton’s split from now ex-wife Demi Moore, and have been seen happily doting one another and their new family ever since.