Hamilton Cast’s Political Message Stirs up Good and Bad

We’re approaching two weeks and the damage that the presidential elections have done to this world is amazing. We’ve watched television shows, news reporters, and people throughout the world express a lot of emotion towards what has taken place. These responses may not change what has been done, but the results have definitely changed America.

The most recent effect occurred on Friday night, when vice president-elect Mike Pence was attending the popular Broadway Musical, “Hamilton. After a great show, one of the musical’s stars delivered a speech directly to Pence. He even asked the audience to record his message, so it could be shared throughout the world, through social media. In doing so, the footage went viral and everyone was talking about it, including Donald Trump. Out of anger, Trump delivered a tweet, demanding they apologize to Pence for how he was treated. Trump went on to say that it was a violation of a theatre being a safe and special place for people to attend.

There were people in general that were upset as well. They viewed the statement and the booing that Pence received prior to the show to be out of line. Even musician Steven Van Zandt, who is a bandmate with Bruce Springsteen, had this to say on Twitter: “You don’t single out an audience member and embarrass him from the stage. A terrible precedent to set.” The musical is deeply rooted in politics and it is praised by politicians, including President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and even Republicans such as former vice president Dick Cheney.

The production company for Hamilton discovered that Pence and his family would be attending the musical on Friday night. The creator of the show, Lin-Manuel Miranda talked with others about making a statement and agreed to do it after the show was done.