Gucci Mane and Angela Yee has a past

Gucci Mane ceased by Power 105’s The Breakfast Club on Friday morning. At a certain point amid the visit, Angela Yee was discussing Gucci’s last visit, saying, “I simply need to state for the record, I wasn’t frightened when Gucci was here. You’ve generally been decent and gracious and kind to me.”

From that point, Gucci and Yee contend about a past experience, Wizop saying the radio host wouldn’t be frightened of what he’d do but instead what he’d say since they had a history. That incited Charlamagne and DJ Envy to inquire as to whether Gucci had laid down with Yee. “She done attempted,” he said. “She was on my dick in those days.” Yee ignores the claim, saying she swears no such endeavor was ever constructed, however Gucci appears to recollect in an unexpected way, referencing a meeting the two did years back.

“You used to be messaging me ‘What inn you was at?’ and stuff that way,” he says. Maybe the best part of the entire clasp is the wired response from Charlamagne and Envy, who can’t contain themselves as Gucci and Yee banter about the particulars of what went down. “You should got me mistook for another person,” she says, however. “That unquestionably was not me. I wouldn’t do that.”

Charlamagne sides with the visitor here over his co-have saying, “I ain’t never known Gucci to be a liar” and the look in Gucci’s eyes proposes he thoroughly accepts what he’s adage. Get the full meeting underneath, where Gucci also talks on proposing to his sweetheart and his numerous industry connections.