Glamorous cook Candice Brown wins Great British Bake Off

It is one of the television highlights of the year, capturing the imagination of millions of people who can’t wait to see who wins the Great British Bake Off.
Now, Candice Brown, a PE teacher from Bedfordshire, who has become known for wearing her signature red lipstick on the show, has been crowned Bake Off champion.
The win is likely to lead to lucrative television, book and other media deals for Ms Brown who is not only a talented baker, but who has been described as one of the most glamorous Bake Off contestants ever.
Managing to cook perfect pastry and lavishly decorating her dishes proved to be a winning combination for Ms Brown who has become the seventh person to win the audience-pulling show.
Bakers in the final were asked to make a meringue fit for the royal family, to cook the perfect Victoria sponge complete with jam and butter cream, and to come up with a picnic basket filled with goodies for royalty.
Ms Brown was favourite to win the show after scooping the star baker title more than any other contestant during the BBC series.
For the final, she made a scrumptious pavlova, which she filled with strawberries soaked in Prosecco, mango curd and pistachios.
While her Victoria sponge was deemed to be only the second best of the three finalists, her picnic totally won over judges Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry.
She made a mouthwatering chocolate orange cake, sausage rolls which she shaped like little pigs, and rhubarb and custard tarts.
Ms Brown said she started to bake at the tender age of four with her grandmother.
She said she had thrown her heart and soul into trying to win the competition. She spent more than 12 hours every day, practising for the final.
After her name was called as 2016 Bake Off winner, Ms Brown said that taking the top prize meant “more to me than anyone will realise.”
She added: “I have low self-belief, even though my friends and family constantly build my confidence up. So it was a big moment in my life probably the biggest so far. I felt that everything happens for a reason, and I did it, and that makes me smile so much. In fact, I can’t stop smiling.”
This series will be the final time Bake Off will be on BBC One after Channel 4 bought up the rights to the show.