Gary Shandling Died From A Blood Clot

Gary Shandling cause of death was released today. According to the medical personal the actor died from a blood clot in his heart which he first developed in his leg.

Sources had revealed that Shandling had complained about not feeling well on a trip to Hawaii. Gary Shandling died in earlier this year in March, but his cause of death was delayed by the coroner conducting the autopsy.

Coroners at the Los Angeles medical facility delayed releasing the result of what Killed Gary Shandling who was 66 years old at the time of his death. The toxicology examination was done to determine if there was any alcohol or drugs involved in the actor’s death.

The only foreign matter in his system was residues from cold medication and a small amount of Xanax.

Gary Shandling was instrumental in crafting his own career, in 1992 he launched the Larry Sanders Show, which was a comic masterpiece. He starred in the    show as a late night TV host. The show was broadcast by HBO and ran for six years, from 1992 through 1998.

Shandling was renowned for his infectious smile and charming personality. The comedian has given many years of entertainment through television to the American people and had become a fixture in many households.