Flight Going to Prague Stopped For Two Hours As Police Were Called In To Kick Off ‘Disruptive’ Stag Party

Over 20 people that were with a “disruptive” stag party have been removed from one Manchester flight to Prague, delaying it for over two hours.

Police were called to tend to the flight going to Prague on Jet2 airlines after the cabin crew was unable to handle the situation.


The plane, which was due to depart at 3:15 in the afternoon Saturday, had been forced to return over to the parkin stand and continued to be delayed until 5:57pm. A typical flight duration to Prague departing from Manchester stands at about three hours.

In its entirety, 23 passengers had to be removed by the police, and three of them had been issued public orders of offence, reported The i.

Lauren Sian, a woman who tweeted a photo of one of the unruly suspects escorted off the flight, stated they were “damaging property, swearing and being disruptive” prior to staff intervening and police being called.

A different passenger named Dave Illingworth tweeted: “Stuck on the tarmac at Manchester airport as some idiot stags and their luggage are removed. Don’t envy the Jet2 staff at times like this.”

Airline Response

One spokesman from Jet2 said: “Flight LS887 from Manchester to Prague had to return to the parking stand today after our crew called for police assistance.

“Police attended the aircraft to support the removal of some customers one of whom has subsequently been arrested and two others have been issued with public order offences.

“We would like to thank Greater Manchester Police for their assistance this afternoon and will be fully supporting the investigation and where required will prosecute if that is deemed necessary.

“We apologise to all other customers for the inconvenience that this has caused at the start of their Bank Holiday weekend, however as a family friendly airline we will not let the behaviour of a disruptive few spoil the flight for everyone else.