Fifty Shades Darker Premier Receives Harsh Reviews from Critics

The Wednesday premier of the second “Fifty Shades of Grey” film elicits harsh reviews from critics.

The premier of the panning BDSM-themed flick “Fifty Shades of Grey” sequel receives harsh reviews from criticism, and howls from the audience.

About the New Film

The new film picks up with the lovers Anastasia and Christian after having a fallout in the billionaire’s Red Room sex dungeon, where Christian was a bit too rough for Anastasia’s liking. The tables had turned, when Christian comes crawling back to Anastasia, promising to forsake his BDSM fetish just to be with her again.

The film shows details of Christian’s history of child abuse- which aimed to serve as a twisted rationale for his kinky sexual fetishes and general erratic behavior. It also introduces a former submissive lover of his, and Anastasia’s new boss.

The director of the new film is James Foley, replacing the “Fifty Shades of Grey” director, Sam Taylor-Johnson from 2015.

Critics’ Comments

According to USA Today’s Brian Truitt, the plot threats are “thrown aside in frustratingly quick fashion.”

‘The erotic lite sequel somehow manages to be worse than the stupefyingly bad ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey,” he continues

According to The Hollywood Reporter’s John DeFore, Wednesday’s preview “drew a lot of snickering” from the audience.

“Both leads are attractive and look good without clothes,” writes DeFore. “But the roteness of their bulge-flexing intimacies is such that when, near the film’s end, the movie showed off Mr. Dornan’s physique in a gym scene, women at Wednesday’s preview screening were openly laughing at the contrivance.”

Other critics, such as Stephen Whitty, said: “For a movie about bondage, the stars seem strangely disconnected.”

“In fact there’s little danger, heat or passion in this film at all. It’s 50 shades of beige.”

Matt Singer said: “A movie only a masochist could love. What little plot there is resolves quickly and easily, but then the film keeps going, until you begin to understand what it feels like to be punished by a self-described sadist like Christian Grey.”