Elusive Artist Banksy Caught On Camera By Israeli Woman

The elusive artist, Banksy was photographed as he worked at an exhibition in Israel as per a woman’s claims. Banksy, who is one of the world’s most famous street artist, has recently opened an interactive exhibition at a hotel in Bethlehem.

Banksy photographed:

A witness claimed to have photographed the artist days before at an art show at a shopping mall.

The Art of Banksy, the Israeli exhibition, is due to open in the Arena mall in Herzliya Marina, which isnot far from Tel Aviv.

The witness said: ‘The mall opens at 10am but if you need to be there earlier you have to sign your name. What was really weird was that when I came in and I had to sign my name, I noticed an English name and said to the security guard “who is that?” He said it was an artist from England.’

The picture was taken using a mobile phone, it shows a man wearing a bucket hat and camouflage trousers. He was photographed walking around an art studio carrying a stencil he then looked at the camera and put up a hand to cover his face.

According to the woman, he’s maybe around 40. She said that the door was open and the smell of spray paint was really strong. ‘He’s not Israeli for sure!” she added.

The woman admitted she’s not a huge fan, but upon seeing him she said to herself ‘Oh my God! It’s him. I think it’s Banksy.’

Who is Banksy?

Banksy travels the world to paint critiques of injustice worldwide. He chooses places that will be noticed. This quest to social justice has made the artist, originally from Bristol, one of the highest paid living artists, however, his true identity remains a mystery.

He’s a graffiti artist meaning that although his art contains satirical political and social commentary, it’s scrawled illegally on walls and bridges all over the world.

An investigator speculated last September that Banksy might be Robert ‘3D’ Del Naja, who’s the founding member of Bristol band Massive Attack, as it was revealed that new works by the artist kept showing up in the same areas as the band’s performances.