Donald Trump’s song selection for their first dance

Frank Sinatra’s work of art, My Way is set to be Donald Trump’s tune for their first dance. This probably caused many fans to contact the oldest daughter of Frank, Nancy Sinatra, to perceive how she felt about the news.

An unverified report by the Washington Examiner asserted jazz artist Erin Boehme and two different specialists were slated to play out the hit at the Liberty Ball on Friday. In spite of the fact that, a repudiating story from USA Today has Tim Rushlow saying he and his band are the ones giving the music to the President-elect’s dance with his wife.

In any case, Sinatra gave an incredible nervy reaction after listening to the My Way news. A tweet was conveyed saying, “Just remember the first line of the song.” The melody’s first line is “And now, the end is near.” Later, Sinatra sent a more genuine tweet by saying, “Actually I’m wishing him the best. A good president helps the entire world. I don’t believe anyone tries to be a bad president.”

By the day’s end, we wouldn’t be astonished if My Way was Trump’s tune for their first dance, since Paul Anka was at first listed to play the melody at the Inauguration celebrations. Reports got around that Anka needed to retreat because of a booking struggle.