When the miniseries “People vs. O.J. Simpson” debut on television, everyone was glued to the television to relive the infamous day and events that followed. After the success of the O.J. Simpson show, the director returns to deliver another controversial, real life crime story.

This miniseries involves two the biggest names in rap, during the time of their murders. Two people that were once friends, became enemies in the music industry. Although rap ‘beefs’ are viewed as pure entertainment, and the beef between these two made them larger-than-life, the end result was something that the fans never saw coming. What is even more confusing is that neither murder was committed by the two artists that were battling one another. On top of that, the deaths were months apart. This led people to label the deaths as a conspiracy. It is believed that there was something bigger behind the two deaths. With both men out of the picture, no one will really know the truth behind it.

Director Anthony Hemingway is attempting to change that or at least shine a better a light on both stories. By doing so, Hemingway has brought on a key person for the documentary. Former Los Angeles police detective, Greg Kading is delivering his experience and investigation for both murders. Kading was working hands-on with the case, so he was witnessing and learning information that the average person would never know. Even those that were close to the artists may not know everything that Kading knows. This is one reason that Kading decided to release his own book.

Kading’s book is the platform for this mini docu-series, which will be aired on the USA network. The series is titled “Unsolved”, and it will follow the lives of both rappers, Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur, during the time of their murders.