Dennis Rodman faces jail time, after reckless driving incident

On Monday, Dennis Rodman was accused of four wrongdoings, including attempt at manslaughter, taking after a July occurrence in which officials said he drove the wrong path down an interstate close to Santa Ana, Calif. Rodman could face up to two years within an Orange County jail, if sentenced.

The California Highway Patrol seek felony charges after the episode happened. Rodman was said to have been driving north in the southbound carpool lane of Interstate 5 at around 12:30 a.m., July 20, causing a driver of a BMW to swerve into the middle divider to abstain from slamming into Rodman’s Range Rover. The police said that subsequent to creating the crash, Rodman came back to the scene and had a brief discussion with the other driver, then he cleared out before police could arrive and without giving his necessary information.

The Orange County lead prosecutor’s office declared Monday that it was charging the 55-year-old basketball player with creating an attempt at manslaughter with property harm; driving a vehicle over an interstate divider; giving false data to a cop; and driving without a license. Rodman is scheduled to be charged in January.

An agent for Rodman told TMZ Sports, “We agree that if anything, this is a misdemeanor traffic matter, and certainly not a felony. We appreciate the district attorney evaluation and know that it should resolve successfully when all facts are considered.” The site had reported that Rodman had been at a karaoke bar in the hours prior to the crash, in spite of the fact that it was unknown if he had been drinking.

Rodman won five NBA titles amid a 14-year NBA career with the Pistons (who retired his jersey) Bulls, Lakers, Spurs, and Mavericks. He was twice named defensive player of the year and he won seven titles in rebounding